About us


Who we are

EFfCI is the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients – a European trade association that brings together manufacturers of synthetic and natural ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry.
EFfCI membership is open to companies and national associations that represent cosmetic ingredients manufacturers.
We currently represent the interests of more than 100 cosmetic ingredients companies in Europe.
Established in 2000, we advocate the collective interests of more than 100 cosmetic ingredients companies in Europe.
For more information on our membership click here or to join EFfCI, contact us via the website.

What we do

Established in 2000, we work together to define and advocate the common interest of more than 100 cosmetic ingredients companies in Europe.
The federation…

  • represents its members with public authorities, trade groups and private organisations inside and outside the European Union;
  • provides timely and comprehensive information on matters of relevance to the industry, such as international regulations and other important regulatory, legal, technical and scientific developments;
  • engages in communication activities to educate stakeholders and the public about the cosmetic ingredients sector;
  • defines and promotes common positions of the industry and coordinates the activities of members to protect and promote their collective interests;
  • facilitates dialogue between the industry and other interested parties, including regulators and politicians;
  • provides members with regular updates on European and international affairs in the cosmetic ingredients industry, meetings and other communication activities.


How we work

EFfCI’s focus is to coordinate the activities of members to present a united voice of the cosmetic ingredients industry, and to provide members with comprehensive information on industry matters.
The responsibility for EFfCI’s activities is shared between four entities:
The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the association. It consists of Directors representing the national member associations and the direct members.

  • The Direct Members Council (DMC) is composed of delegates from the direct members (one per company).
  • The General Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association and the working groups.
  • The EFfCI Working Groups are topic-driven teams of company experts working on issues such as regulatory affairs and product safety, ingredients of natural origin, international relations, and communication. Each working group is open to all interested members.




Association Members

National associations with corporate status representing the cosmetic ingredients manufacturing industry and the suppliers and service providers from Member States of the European Union.